A Human Jungle?

I struggle to type when it comes to the current migrant crisis.
I struggle when I listen to and watch the news.
I struggle when I read headlines and see front pages of abandoned life jackets and lifeless children.
I struggle to comprehend that this is real life, that this is actually happening to people.
I struggle to hear those same said people referred to as swarms, belittled and racially labelled as they struggle to find comfort in what others have named “the jungle”.

Reading through my daily press pile at work, I came across this quote, and I felt like it said all the words I needed.

“We are people. Can’t people see that we are people?”

As grateful as many are for their position in life, their safety, their wealth, I struggle to understand the lack of human compassion and empathy.
Here in London, we may not be fleeing from war, but we could have been. If our situations were just slightly different, we could have been.
Heck, who knows, in the future we may very well be. Once upon a time those who lived in past London did.
These migrants did not always live like this. Their lives were once normal; children went to school, parents went to work without a fear of being shelled and never coming home, or returning to a pile of rubble that was once their home.

We are people. They are people. We breathe the same and we bleed the same.

“We are people. Can’t people see that we are people?”


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