The ANTISocialites


We’ve seen them.
We’ve watched them.             
We’ve become them.

Let me set the scene, a group of young vivacious 20 somethings are seated at a table waiting to be tended to by the waitress. As opposed to excitedly chatting about life and catching up on the events that have taken place since their last catch up, each and every one of them are glued to the device in their hands, faces illuminated by their androids and iPhones. The table is in silence, as restaurant chatter from other less technology dependent tables spills into their own and the polite option of “drinks or starters?” breaks their hypnosis, as they eventually look up and remember that they are seated together, as friends in the restaurant.

Am I guilty? Yes.
Am I also ashamed? Yes again.

When I wake up, do I check my phone before I even wash my face? Sometimes.

Do I fear that my eyes are suffering from iPhone light strain?

The truth is, though I can and have lived without it, I am dependent on my phone.  I admit it.

It’s very handy in situations when you actually don’t want to socialise and prefer to frequent your list of What’s App contacts, but not so much when you’re at a party and sitting with your head in your lap like Billy no mates.
However it is somewhat addictive and it IS scary.
It’s scary that I can have a full blown deep conversation with a friend whom I actually tangibly know over Facebook chat, but struggle to maintain conversation and eye contact with them in person.
And it’s amazing how distance can evoke such confidence.
Super egos and spontaneous STANK attitude via keyboard yet the inability to say boo to a goose in the flesh.

I guess it’s easier for people to edit what they say before they actually say it.

They can choose the most photogenic hot pepper display picture that reveals their best side as opposed to their worst in the unfiltered light of day.

They can post the most glamourous highlights of their week and all of their material assets and show the world whatever they wish to portray, as opposed to the dry and not so pretty side of things.


And it really is so difficult to remember what it was like before it all! Since when could we stare at our phone till we go blind but struggle to hold eye contact beyond 5 seconds?

When’s the last time you wrote a letter or sent a postcard if ever?

Try it.
Pick up the phone and call someone next time you wanna catch up rather than sending a WhatsApp greeting.
Go the extra mile and MEET UP with that person.


The laughter and memories and beautiful vibes created when you are actually in the physical presence of friends is unmatched to any type of social networking.

I like to make eye contact and connect and laugh till I snort, rather than repeatedly tapping the “laugh till I cry” emoticon and typing out lols in block capitals.


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