CREATE your OWN damn make up!




  • Miss M:

    Love her!!!

    These make up brands genuinely believe that chocolate girls are ONE shade of chocolate
    How can there be 15 variations of white to beige and literally 3 variations of brown? Usually caramel, terracotta and then dark choc
    Are black people only three shades?


     Well done

    Mr. B:

    Nah certainly, well done to her. I love seeing things like that

    See, now instead of protesting to MAC or Nars or Sleek complaining that they don’t cater to black women….she creates her own

    And this is exactly what I’m talking about, just exactly like Phil Valentine said in Hidden Colors…you don’t protest for what u want, u take it

    Take control, take ownership

    That’s why i can’t take things like the Oscar issue or the Dstrkt club issue seriously…fighting the wrong battles man

    To hell with them, build for ur damn self

    Convo End.


    This goes for ALL ventures of ALL backgrounds. IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT, BUT IT IS NOT YET AVAILABLE…don’t wait for it to be made available for you…CREATE YOUR OWN!!! But after the unanimous YAASSS! There is that inward groan as people realise “But wait? How?” And then you may conjure up the 101 skills you don’t have and the 202 reasons why you CAN’T create your own; whether it be that you don’t have the resources, finances or just a bloody clue as to where to start…

     Knowledge is free folks.


    If you don’t have a clue; get a clue. There isn’t a Dora Explorer to life out there, pacing through your mind and picking up clues and pieces – making shit abundantly obvious- but there is you.

    You can research! Find a library! Attend a free or cheap conference- email folks who HAVE done it. Network; ask a friend to ask a friend. GOOGLE!!! Even YouTube has become a virtual tutor to us all…

    Even if the replies aren’t abundant with knowledge, at least make a start because just like you have an idea but may be clueless in putting it into fruition; is just like those who have successfully created something new before you, who were clueless yet found their way and put it into fruition…
    And believe me, ideas are flying around out here so if you don’t get your arse in gear and  lay some ground work SOMEONE ELSE will.

    And then you’ll have the cheek to talk about how someone stole your idea…the idea which you had absolutely no REAL intention of making reality…

    It’s a bit like a university assignment.
    I remember not so long ago, being set this assignment and not having a BLOODY CLUE what to do or where to start…
    It was as if I hadn’t been sitting in that class making notes for those 4 weeks; it honestly may as well have been written in Sanskrit the way I didn’t know what to do.

    I panicked. I cried. I procrastinated. And then I realised that if I didn’t do the assignment, I would fail the assignment and place my degree in jeopardy- which I was NOT prepared to do.

    So I emailed my tutors for help, spoke to my friends, borrowed a BUNCH of books and almost wet myself with relief once I handed that assignment in.

    Treat your ideas the same way. Create a tunnel and put the work in; the more you progress, the more you’ll see light and you’ll realise that trying is better than not doing at all, because if you don’t even attempt to try- then you’ll never ever know.

    Misfit, x



6 thoughts on “CREATE your OWN damn make up!

  1. Love this! Love her and now, I’m just hoping the line is affordable lol! Totally agree on taking what you want too! Great post! 🙂

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