You’re all liars.

The thing about the truth is…

Everybody wants honesty until it’s time to be honest.


Are you going to the party?


Why not?!

I just don’t feel like going.

Oh. Well that’s rude.


Is it though?

Is it reaaally rude??

Did I say- “because the host is a smelly witch with horrific eyebrows?” Or  “Because I’d rather not spend my eve with a bunch of insta girls, more engrossed with taking selfies of themselves at the party and snapchatting the party than actually enjoying the damn party.”

No. I said how I felt.

And I was honest.

But it was rude because it wasn’t dressed in pleasantries or dripping with politeness

An excuse or straight up lie such as: “no I’m sick” or “I have to work” or “I fell down the stairs” (I have legitimately heard that last one as an excuse lol) would be more accepted and easily digested than the honest, plain sailing truth.

Maybe, it’s a British thing. Apparently we say sorry all the time (brought to my attention by a Bajan and an Aussie).

Apparently Brits are not straight talking

We queue (whereas in other countries, queuing means that you will not get served, because people will assume that since you aren’t barging, you clearly don’t care about being seen to. Not rude! Just the cultural norm.)

We’re almost sterile in politeness.

But some people have become so accustom to dancing around discomfort, rudeness or offences that they’ve swerved the truth completely.

I’d rather be told I look bad in a dress than wear the dress and have an entire room of people look at me like I have cat sick down my front.

But the truth is! Many people have probably lied and told me I look fabulous all in the name of being nice…

So do we substitute honesty for niceness?

How nice can a honest person honestly be?

Some would argue it’s the degree of the lie e.g: white lie status vs soul destroying status. But as Einstein says:

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Based on this, if I tell you that you look nice in that dress to salvage your self esteem (a lie) does that mean I wouldn’t be trusted with the truth for a bigger deal?
If somebody asks you to be honest, and asks your opinion, how many times have you bent the truth?

“Omg, I can’t say that!”

“Why not?”

“It’ll hurt her/his feelings”

“Yeah but he asked you to be honest!”

Don’t get it twisted here!  I’m not equating the truth to rudeness (those are two very different things and your tone and delivery can make ALL the difference) but sometimes the truth isn’t always going to be sweet and palatable! Sometimes it’ll sting. And that leads to another point: the truth is not always factual. If somebody asks your opinion, that is based on their perception. You could ask another person and they could honestly give you a completely different answer…

Personally, I think that we should be big and brave enough as adults to be able to handle that as well being open to express same said honesty.

What is your outlook on the truth?

Are you careless? Polite?

Can you really handle it?

Do let me know in the comments below! I’m curious to know what you guys think 🙂

Miss M, x 



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